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Original post by Raving Lunatic on 05//09


Food for a week.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Probably the biggest thing this pic says to me is just that most (almost all) Americans just eat WAY too much. And I'm not talking about people pigging out, binging, or indulging. Just standard custom, and it's *everybody* (or almost). I have drastically changed my eating habits over the course of the past year or so, and greatly reduced my overall food consumption. I've gotten to a point where my weight has stabilized (I've stopped losing weight), so I'm thinking the way I eat now is probably going to be my new "lifestyle" when it comes to food.

I can tell you this - as I said before, Americans eat WAY too much. Far, FAR more than is necessary to live and maintain a given body mass, and then people sit around (literally) and complain about "getting fat". Geesh, people. Stop eating so damn much. I eat with people and am amazed at how much food they chow down - someone who eats what most people would probably consider "normal" easily eats at least twice the amount I pack away. Probably more. Add to that the fact that I generally only eat one full meal a day (along with a few snack-type supplements - fruits, snack items, etc.) while most people at least double that, and you've got a whole nation full of fat people, and they wonder why. I'm eating what it takes to maintain my body mass, while they are easily taking in 4-6 times that amount, and probably more. It's surprising people aren't even FATTER.

I don't blame people at all, of course - food is good; one of my favorite things, in fact. It's one of those things that we, as living organisms, really have no choice about. We love the stuff as a direct consequence of the matter of which we are made. Just don't eat 10,000 calories per day while burning 2,000 and then complain about getting fat.

Posted by desertrain

People have eaten to much food,fattening themselves into sickness. Most of us would be a lot happier with tighter belts.

To make food cheap, we have poisoned farmland with chemicals,and squandered our precious water.

As oil, land, water, food and other resources become more limited the people from these poorer countries will become more desperate. There will probably be lot's of people migrating into the wealthier countries such as Europe and the USA. There is already a small problem with illegal migration. This will cause resentment in residents of the countries effected. The population will be starting to suffer from resource shortages. Migrants and illegals will then be rounded up and dumped outside borders, causing more trouble where they are left.

Posted by mrwilder

Hmmm... this thing didn't let me log in properly when I went straight to "reply" without logging in separately... have to fix that someday.

Anyway, what interests ME is the difference in the amount of food processing and simple carbohydrates and starches in the various groups. The monetary and other pseudoscience about these staged photos is meaningless; however, it almost goes without say the American blacks are eating pizza and chips (super duper refined junk), followed closely by the German whites (super refined junk), and on down the line until we get to the African blacks, who are, of course, eating unrefined but still pure starch and simple carbohydrates.

The people in the middle are eating best for two reasons: the calorie level is as close to starvation WITHOUT ACTUALLY BEING starvation level. And the carbohydrates are unrefined and complex. The starches are lower than the Italians and white Europeans, and the high and low bracketing black families.

Yes, quite interesting indeed.

Posted by nowheremom

Thanks for the post.

Posted by mrwilder

Now where's my damn beer?
Posted by Raving Lunatic

Mmmm, yeast whizz. Now THERE'S a fascinating form of 'processing'. In fact, that type of stuff is one of the things that always clouds the issue when it comes to discussion of "processed" foods.

Somebody always has (or gets) to decide where those lines get drawn and how the lines turn into dollar signs. And isn't that what all the fighting's about?

And yup, I agree with desertrain - we're in for a whole heap o'trouble, in the not too distant future, regarding what is now referred to as "illegal immigration" and will eventually come to be known as "mass migration". One way or another, it'll make what's happening now seem quaint.

Seems to me like you folks out there in AZ (and maybe even other places in the Western Deserts) are in a damn piss-poor spot to be in when the oil hits the anus, for a number of reasons.

Posted by mrwilder

Not so hard to determine the line for processing:

If it wasn't recently a living being, it's NOT FOOD.

Therefore, beer, bread, ding dongs, and pizza are not food.

Very easy. Steak, eggs, tomatoes, etc = food.

Posted by nowheremom

Yeah, RL I am at the end of a supply line. There is only one highway that goes in or out of this town and in my 12 years there was actually a time when the highway was shut down due to a gas line explosion. The electricity goes down at least once every couple of months. That's what I get when I live in a place like this-its never boring. Fortunately, I live on the banks of the Colorado river-no I don't drink the stuff-I save it for the people in California. The city that I live in is now cleaning up a superfund site 5 miles outside of town that in the end, they will move as much earth that they moved to build the Panama Canal. Its one of the uranium mills from the 50's that was privately owned.
Yeah, I'm screwed, but at least terrorists don't know I exist and I can grow my own food. I can eat my livestock-anyone for horse,donkey, llama or cow???
I can ride my bike out or here if I really want.
Mr Tripps??

Posted by Raving Lunatic

It's good of you to save the water for the Californians. I'm sure they appreciate that.

Terrorists don't know where you are, eh? But what about the MORMONS? Ever thought of that? Or did you get religion? Is the town you live in radioactive? And what kind of stuff can you grow out there in the desert? What does llama taste like? Chicken?

Sorry for all the questions. But you don't mind, do you?

Posted by nowheremom

Mormons took over the US gov't a while ago. Haven't you figured that out that GW was actually a closet mormon? I have NOT switched over to LDS. That's what they call themselves. The first day at my job in SLC was are you LDS? I'm like what? BTW I'm a buddist-satan worshiper from the mid-west.
I can grow anything as long as I water every 15 minutes or so. Google Earth for Moab, its pretty green.
Llamas do not taste like chicken, kinda gamey like camel. you should try it sometime.
Hope that keeps you happy for the day.

January 18, 2019

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