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Original post by Zeke on 01//09


Two enter the ring...only one leaves.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Pretty cool.

But they got it completely ass-backwards. Don't you think it'd be the hundreds of PCs in the building ganging up on the few Macs that happened to be around, not the reverse?

Very few computer labs, libraries and office buildings are stocked with dozens of Apple machines, in my experience.

I mean, come on, let's be realistic about our laptops-morphing-into-battle-droid short films, shall we?

Posted by mrwilder

It depends on your experience. Many of the computer labs I visit are mostly Mac. If you go to a media center or any high end platform area, you're going to be in Mac territory. If there's math or 3d rendering that needs to be done, its mac.

But, uh, Macs ARE PCs.

If there was a contest, it would be between the Mac OS and Windows OS... ummm, unless you're trying to say that Apple does not manufacture a good PC, in which case, ummm... Apple makes a hell of a good PC relative to any other PC manufacturer out there.

It is otherwise, of course, absurd to compare a Ford Pinto to a Porsche, they both do the same thing: eventually get you where you want to go.

But then, if we are asking why so many pros, artists, and engineers tend to use Macs, here are some of the reasons that I've discovered in my over 30 years of programming across multiple platforms in various languages on numerous OSes.

For Macs, Color calibration occurs OS-wide for accurate color, and so does unicode support. HFS disk support is faster and tighter than NTFS, and the best pro video and audio editing software is pretty much Mac only... final cut, norkkross, mireth.

Couple that with FreeBSD as the kernel. This means that Macs were built on the internet model, and thus networking is superior, no, supreme. It is practically trivial to build a multihomed, geographically sparse, redundant load balanced server based on the Mac architecture. Stacking of component power was designed into the core of these machines, which were designed for multiple CPUs of varying bus width... not hacks tacked on to an old 8 bit DOS architecture!

From a programming perspective, it means I'm able to work more tersely. All files and peripherals and etc are treated as byte streams. The attempts to mimic this flow on Windows has resulted in the HAL. The Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer has been a complete disaster for some people, such as sound card companies like Sound Blaster. *nix like Regular Expressions rule. Sub Processes on a Mac "can't" contaminate the memory space of the mother OS.

And etc. There are plenty of advantages to the Mac OS that you won't find in Windows - but, then, yeah, of course, if all you have to do is send email and other functions that might typically occur in a general public library or office, why spend the money? I do most of my work on a Windows machine because it's easier and less expensive to purchase, upgrade, and maintain.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Posted by mrwilder

Yep. Ford Pintos are better than Porsches.
Posted by Raving Lunatic

I had a friend who had a super hot-rod 302 V8 engine in his Ford Pinto. It would probably blow the doors off any Apple, er, Porsche ever made.

How deep does this analogy go?

Posted by mrwilder

Well, I bet if you put a big block 420 Hemi engine in your Macintosh OS based PC, you're gonna find it goes faster and crashes no more often than your friend's Pinto. Haha... at least ever so briefly!

Till the flaming fireball, that is.

December 14, 2018

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