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Original post by Zeke on 06//06


They wanted everyone dead...including the family dog.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Well, who doesn't want to kill thier entire family occasionally, you know, in a fit of pique.
Posted by deadpool

here here!
Posted by mrwilder

Well, MEN don't have "fits of pique". Jesus fucking Christ.
Posted by desertrain

Were the parents in this case enablers? Killing the family dog is a bit much.
How far do you go when you love someone?
Look at Chuckie, the son of Charles Negron from The Three Dog Night. Charles and his wife Julia had a son "Chuckie", that was born addicted to heroin. When Chuckie was older he started doing Heroin himself. He stayed hooked for over ten years. He shot up three to four times a day every day. His mother paid for a motel room for him to live in because he wasn't allowed to stay at home. His mother picked him up and drove him when he needed a ride, enabling him to get his fixes. It was not a happy ending. He ended up with a 16 month prison sentence. Parents sometimes make bad judgements.

Posted by Zeke

I would say killing the witness, who happend to be family, testifying against their son goes beyond enabling.
Posted by Raving Lunatic

Wow. That's a pretty fucked-up situation. Is there now gonna be a show called 'Beyond Jerry Springer'?
Posted by mrwilder

Well, I think you can easily go "all the way" when you love or stand for something.

You might have a sterling pure love, but that doesn't improve your judgement one bit; so, yeah, sadly, real true love often ends in tragedy.

Whaddya gonna do?

Posted by deadpool

im here to tell ya it does end in tradgety or heart break pain and suffering in general. with a smidge of revenge
Posted by fuckhead

And then you die.
Posted by esponja

We will have or will be seeing more and more of this crap as time goes on.. stupid people. It all turns back in one way or another to GREED.. but WHY the poor dog?
Posted by Zeke

The dog was prolly from the Lassie breed, all the cops would have had to do is ask it to find the killers.

Posted by deadpool

the dog spoke spanish.... hes here illegally and old people hate illegals

December 14, 2018

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