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We delve into the newest controversial angles surrounding the HIV/AIDS world. Is AIDS caused by HIV? Some say no.

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Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/27/06

Bill Gates promises to rid the world of the top 20 diseases, fly to the Sun, pay off national debt, invent unicorns.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/27/06

...or maybe dead. A directory full of images that speak for themselves, showing a wide range of human incompetence and misfortune.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/27/06

Another interesting article from In These Times points out why the Democratic Party presents no real alternative to the Republicans - they're owned by the same corporate interests. At best, the lesser of two evils.

Original post by Zeke on 06/27/06

Check out the punishments for snagging a milk crate. I would have gotten life without parole for all the crates I've "found" over the years.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/26/06

This excerpt from the book 'Hostile Takeover: How Big Money and Corruption Conquered Our Government—and How We Can Take It Back' is an interesting read.

"There is supposed to be a counterweight, a government separate from Big Business whose job is to prevent the corporate profit motive from destroying society. That government once passed laws protecting the environment, so the profit motive wouldn’t end up eliminating breathable air. That government once protected workers, so the profit motive wouldn’t result in Americans toiling in sweatshops. And that government once demanded better wages, so the profit motive wouldn’t result in a race to the bottom for poverty-level paychecks." Pretty much sums up one of the points I'm always so clumsily trying to make.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/25/06

Apparently there has been a mutation in the "H5N1" virus that causes "bird flu", allowing it to be transmitted from human to human. Fortunately, the new strain immediately killed all of it's human hosts, and so also died out itself. For now.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/25/06

Everybody has an opinion, and Kurt Vonnegut is no exception.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/24/06

It seems someone didn't like the hippy shit some girl was wearing while she was out shopping.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/24/06

Anybody else eat mostly from the microwave? If so, you'll know that Banquet recently released a microwaveable pot pie - one that actually turns out with the crust browned. They're still better out of the oven - if you have an hour and a half - but they turn out pretty darn good from the microwave, which is a quantum leap in "decent dinners that cost less than a dollar" technology.

Original post by fuckhead on 06/24/06

If you're into Bob Lazar, this is an excellent analysis by a former friend of Bob's.

A friend who used to believe Bob's weird story, but now doesn't.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/24/06

Man buys North Carolina's copy of The Bill of Rights.

N.C. seizes said document.

Court sides with State.

Original post by fuckhead on 06/24/06

Said with all the authority and sincerity needed for such a seriously deep meaningful topic discussed by the fantastic group of brains at NetWatch Centra

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/24/06

This one's not as cool as the one with the truck, but what is? You'd think it'd be even better, what with the commercial sponsorship.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06/23/06

Why? Because Iran Must Be Stopped! To Keep Us Safe from... something. Maybe it's having too much money that should be profits for oil and defense corporations.


Original post by mrwilder on 06/22/06

Here's a cool online book by the guy who founded "How Stuff Works."

Interesting and entertaining piece of Sci Fi. If we don't nuke ourselves, it could really happen.


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November 14, 2018

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