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Which drunk is righter?
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We delve into the newest controversial angles surrounding the HIV/AIDS world. Is AIDS caused by HIV? Some say no.

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Original post by esponja on 07/17/06

I guess I am one of the very few who has felt that there WERE WMDs in Iraq...this idea has faded and it has been accepted that there were, in reality, no WMDs in Iraq. I still feel that there were and during that 12-year period, they were probably moved to Syria(NOT Iran). Now that the war is escalating between Iran, Syria and Palestine against Israel using Lebanan, we may soon find out if such weapons did exist.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 07/17/06

Amazingly, this movie actually captures what it's like to live around a bunch of naturally crazy drug users - even the semi-paranoia of the always-stoned mind. The actors are excellent (even Reeves), and the rotoscoping is beautiful.

The only thing I really didn't like about it is the sappy psuedo-dedication to dead and damaged friends in the epilogue.

I'm not saying drug use is necessarily a good (or universally bad) thing, just that I've rarely seen it be such a plague; this movie, especially the epilogue, makes drug-induced insanity, illness and death seem common, even inevitable. Hell, maybe it is, and most of the people I know are just not that hardcore. But I doubt it.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 07/17/06

The picture kind of says it all.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 07/16/06

Sometimes even those most deeply in touch with The Force just take a leap off the deep end. Did you ever notice that Vader is a big black man? I especially love how he says "Oh God" and "Jesus!" when he sees Leiah.


Original post by desertrain on 07/15/06

Watch Israel's TV News station, direct from Jerusalem.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 07/15/06

Here are some horrifying tales of woe from some worker bees who stumbled across some unusually bad bosses. Actually, some of them seem fairly typical, if you ask me.

Hey Zeke, remember Dave?

Original post by mrwilder on 07/15/06

Or face bombing.

No link yet... happening on news 12:30 MST 7/15/06

Original post by esponja on 07/15/06

Believe me.. One should watch carefully the conflict that is going on now in Lebanan and Israel. In reality, it is a war between Iran, and Syria, and Palestine against Israel but those three parties are using Lebanan to fight against Israel when in reality it is Iran and Syria. This could be a very devastating war in that it is Iran's effort to destroy Israel. Keep in mind that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who is nearly as insane as the North Korean President. I am positive.. absolutely positive that Ahmadinejad believes that he can bring about the clash of civilizations as prophesized in the Bible. Remember.. he does believe that he was given the presidency in Iran JUST to PROVOKE a clash between civilizations and I really believe that he would go to nuclear means in order to provoke such an ending..What is happening at this moment is that Israel is at war NOW with Syria and Iran and Palestine but not on their territory but in Lebanan.. a country steered by Syria.

Original post by mrwilder on 07/15/06

Iran threatening to enter the fray! No link yet... course we had the heads up from esponja and common sense


Original post by mrwilder on 07/14/06

We live like we're immortal.

People are stupid.

Original post by esponja on 07/14/06

If the Mexican Government, Pres. Bush, John McCain, Janet Napolitano and other left wingers get their way, a third political party will continue to be formed in the U.S. No, I am not talking about the Independent Party. I am referring to a third party possibly named “The Chicano Party”. This group is and has been pushing for an amnesty program that will legalize the 20 million illegals presently in the U.S. (not the 12 million that the Government wants you to believe). When this occurs, each illegal will be allowed to bring in all their extended family members to become citizens swelling the Latino voting members of this country to well over 150,000,000. In view that this is a very calculated effort by Mexico and left wingers in this country to take over the country, they would all be dictated to vote for their candidate wherever and for whatever position that person is a candidate for. This has already happened in most cities and towns all along the border and now being poised to stretch out throughout the (...MORE)

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 07/14/06

It seems that Dell laptops come with some extra hardware that isn't listed on the box. I wonder what this is used for?

Not to worry, though - we can trust the police and the government. Can't we?

Original post by esponja on 07/14/06

That is what that Mexican(anti-Ameican) leader stated Friday at a demonstration that he led against Sheriff Joe Arpaio... We have rights he(the Mexican leader) said. Of course illegals have rights.... duh!! but in America, yes, they do have more rights than Americans. Anyway, I thought it funny that he said that they would vote Arpaio out of office.. This is exactly what I have been saying.. IN time, when the illegal numbers swell, they will have enough votes to put in their own people... In the meantime, naive Americans are incapable of seeing beyond today whereas the Mexican invasion leaders are looking well beyond just today.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 07/14/06

It appears that the warfare between Israel and the surrounding Muslim countries is not limited to the physical realm - according to this article, Israeli websites are also increasingly under attack. It doesn't say anything about retaliation.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 07/14/06

If you haven't seen it, and want to, here's a link to Morgan Spurlock's semi-famous documentary 'Supersize Me', in which he goes on an all-McDonald's diet for 30 days, much to his doctor's (and his liver's) chagrin.

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