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Henry Kissinger
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Original post by mrwilder on 03/13/09

This just in...

The Obammy redistribution bureau has discovered that Sun belt dwellers in the Sonoran desert are underrepresented minorities in the category of "Winter Coat Ownership". It was determined that since these people are minorities, the reason they don't have coats must be that they are highly deserving victims of generations of oppression by privileged dwellers in snow belt states such as Indiana and other Midwestern areas of extreme ease and opportunity. Owning their own coat is, of course, completely outside the realm of their choice or the obvious result of their decisions and actions!

Under the regime's redistribution policy, RavingLuniatic's ass must now send me one half of his fine winter coats. And, he can't just send me one of his two coats, either. He has to tear BOTH of them in half, and send me half of each, in the interest of fairness and "equality".

Oh dear GOD how I wish this were an exaggeration instead of a minimization. < (...MORE)


Original post by mrwilder on 03/12/09

The excellent, graceful and eloquent libertarian Milton Friedman interacts with the ineffably likable and good socialist Phil Donahue regarding greed and capitalism.

Outstanding but way too short video.

Original post by mrwilder on 03/12/09

Burlington Coat Factory, aka Giancana "the Don" outerwear, claims to offer "much more than just great coats". Like items such as these crappy coats over here on aisle three, for instance.

Hehe... actually even the crappy coats in the article aren't really that bad. The "George" line from Wal-Mart does LOOK pretty good, I just fucking hate Wal-Mart for being so Wal-Mart-y. And the Alfani line from Macy's (incorrectly called "Amalfi" in the article) is actually VERY NICE, and well worth the bucks... the only thing I don't like about Alfani is they always use odd materials that are wrinkled after ten seconds of wear.

So, what should you do? Move your ass to Phoenix where you don't need a coat, of course.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/12/09

As Grand Vizier Rove continues to skate free of a Congressional summons, the question continues to be asked: is our children learning? Wait, wrong question. Is it even possible for the political leadership in the American Empire to change to any meaningful degree?

Original post by mrwilder on 03/12/09

I need a part time job, badly. This list says Sears and Radio Shack are hiring... oooooh I doubt it and money is getting so tight that, ... well, actually, the meter went all the away around from tight to "hopeless".

Need suggestion on where to find a part time job that will let me work on Thursday night after 8:00 pm, Friday all day or night, Saturday all day or night, and Sunday anytime until about 9:00 pm.

I know the competition is extremely tight, I won't make it as a prostitute and selling drugs is out.... sooooo, anybody got any suggestions? I really wanted to be a "patient transporter" at the hospital, but a person I know who has that very job said three people just got "laid off".

The job section of our local paper was ONE PAGE long.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/12/09

Just look at this terrifying monstrosity that takes a 4-legged leap all the way across the uncanny divide. Absolutely amazing. I had heard nothing about it till I stumbled across it today - I guess I should just be glad I had a chance to see it before it comes to me in the night, through a wall. A DARPA production. Just like Skynet.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/11/09

Help me out here. This video has been on Youtube since June 19, 2008, and in that time has recieved well over 21,490,000 views and climbing. I mean, that's very roughly around eighty thousand hits a day, every day. How the hell does that even happen?

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/11/09

Are today's video games adequately preparing our children for survival in the coming brutal hellscape?


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/10/09

Edward Current has the answer in this very funny Youtube video.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/10/09

Scientists took the heart 'matrix' out of a dead rat and grew a new heart from stem cells - and it started beating.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/09/09

Just too cool for words.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/09/09

You're a rotten bastard, Charlie Brown.


Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/08/09

"Thus, since all of the possibilities of a terrestrial origin have been either ruled out or seem improbable, and since the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin has not been able to be ruled out, I must conclude that an ETI (ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) might have sent the signal that we received as the Wow! source."

Original post by mrwilder on 03/08/09

Obammy, big fake communist who promised to be more open with government, won't tell us where he blew our money.

And people bitched when retard Junta front Bush wouldn't reveal military secrets!!!

This is just absurd. Wow. It's going to be oh so surprising (yawn) when we eventually dramatically "discover" that it went places where it would most benefit people simply because they're black, gay, lazy, on drugs, illegal immigrant, dumb, ugly, or possibly fat. Anybody and everybody who DOESN'T successfully contribute something to society.

They'll be saying "how could this happen... who knew??"

And of course EVERYBODY knew but since most of the people hoped to be in one of the lines for the "free" handouts, few people will say anything until they realize it's already way too late. This is exactly how South Africa, Nigeria and etc. failed as well.

Bang up plan.

Original post by Raving Lunatic on 03/08/09

A clip from the old 70s animated series 'The Watchmen'. NOT. Pretty funny, if you're a graphic novel nerd. If you've never read it, you *won't* get it.

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